Meet Our Team

Boris Sanchez


Accomplished active commercial real estate investor, broker, lender, and educator. He has personally owned over 1200 multifamily units and actively buys and sells commercial RE every month. He has been a broker and a lender in over $1 billion worth of commercial real estate transactions in his 12 year career so far. Along with his Sanmore Investments team, he plans on acquiring another $20 million worth of commercial real estate this year. Boris also personally mentors investors looking to enter the CRE arena as well as experienced investors looking to expand or diversify their real estate portfolio.  

Jonathan Chacon


Jonathan Chacon is the owner of Home Liquidators LLC & Chacon Investments LLC. He is a multifamily investor originally from California. He sold all his property in California and Las Vegas and reinvested all of the profits into buying properties here in Houston. In the past five years, he has accumulated 198 units and is under contract to buy 31 more units. His main focus is now buying larger complexes that are 20+.

Cody Purtle


Born and raised in Lafayette, LA Cody Purtle moved to Houston in 2016 and started his real estate business Icon Investments in 2017 right after hurricane Harvey. In 2019 Cody went all in into his wholesaling business, grossing over a million a year and growing. Cody is also actively buying small multi family and other commercial assets. Cody has done over 500 transactions including wholesale, owner financing, flips and buy & hold.

Marco Salazar


Marco is an active residential & commercial investor, he owns & operates three successful real estate businesses in the Houston area including a residential brokerage, a fix/flip entity, and a single and multifamily holdings company. Marco personally mentors all the new Agents that join Ai Realty and enjoys to see his team win! Marco is a father of two boys (11 & 14) and has been married for 15 Years, his primary focus aside from thriving in business is to be the best father example he can be to his kids.

Franklin Warens


Since founding Clear Choice Home Loans LLC, Franklin Warens has been driven by both his ability to lead a talented team and his desire to help people move through the major milestones of their lives. Following a career in finance, Warens was inspired to enter the real estate and lending industry. Franklin's primary focus is building a mortgage company and investing in real estate deals with partners.

Josue Llanas


After graduating from UTRGV with an electrical engineering degree and working in oil and gas, Josue found his passion for real estate. Initially he started a wholesaling company but quickly moved into fix and flips, buy and holds, owner finance and Airbnb. He's transacted hundreds of real estate properties and is focused on scaling his wholesaling operation. After increased demand by the market, he started a call center that provides bilingual cold callers to active real estate investors and agents.